DIM BLISS (2017)

An audiovisual immersive installation made in collaboration with visual artist Stelios Ilchouk (http://steliosilchouk.com/)

Silk-Screen on wallpaper, digital illustrations, projected visuals on ceiling and sound design.

Part of "the Big Mosaic" exhibition in Paphos (Paphos european  capital of culture 2017) https://www.thebigmosaic.com/

Final Major Project (2014) 

(B.A in Illustrations & Graphics)

Eisodos: A live audiovisual immersive experience (2017)

A show I directed and participated in at Centrala Artloft in Digbeth , Birmingham, part of first Friday events.

The piece was a collaboration between myself, experimental electronic duo Earth is Flat (EIF), meszzosoprano Magdalena Adelli, classical violinist Thomas Payne

and visual artist Stelios Ilchouk with projected visuals.

Video made by:

Stelios Ilchouk

Photographs by:

Nicolas Iordanou


Final Major Project  (2015)

 (M.A Fine Art) Installation, Silk Screened Wallpaper, Digital Print 

Semester 2 (MA in Fine Art)

Silk-Screen on Wallpaper (2015)